Our Working Process

For Restoration Projects and Present Projects, ACurban assumes the endeavor of create a New Architecture and Historical Restoration where progress and continuity are not in contradiction. We promote a modern architecture bolstered and strengthened by being rooted in past achievements and knowledge.

The balance between the recovering of traditional systems and compositions with a modern and high end technological solutions focus, applied to our projects is our key drive when we approach every new building or restoration.

Our main work is high standard projects and any kind of building restoration. Restoration Projects start from analyzing from an archaeological and historical deep study, being able to re-create from base layout to all details founded during our research. Consolidating ancient structures or creating new ones that fit perfectly the new needs and final use of the restored building. All combined with flexibility to include the latest, new and future, technologies.

During our projects we have gathered successfully around a group of artisans that love its work and preserve and continue the legacy in their daily work. From master carpenters, blacksmiths, and vault builders to rug craft masters and lot of specialized artisans that help us to complete our restoration work under the strictest requirements set by the building itself and the property.

For Contemporary Architecture, just imagine all this deep process applied to a 21st century Project.

PM & Research & Engineering Services

Project Management

Our experience working in Turnkey Projects for big Clients, helped us to develop a complete Project Management Process to achieve successfully every step. From seeking the best opportunities of investment to the last after sales services action. Efficiency and crystal clear information.

Archeological and Historic Analysis & Support

Our team of experts are specialized in research, analyze, and extract the most valued documents and facts to help the architectural process

Urban Planning & Expertise

We gather expertise and academic background able to support our projects in front of any Historic and Architectural Committee and create solid foundation to our design process.

Edge Technology Integration

This is XXI century. All technology and flexibility is elegant and efficiently integrated in our Designs.

Architectural & Landscape Lighting Design

Every detail counts. Light and how it constructs and shows the most important details is statement from our buildings. Getting this criteria from the very first moment, drives us to the best result.

Garden & Landscape Design

Our Landscape team is committed to create the best environment and scenario for the building. Working from the beginning the garden grows with the building and become one.